Watch out for biased so called support groups

Today I am on a bit of a rant. I’m upset with something a few ip’s Doing a surrogacy journey told me. Some ip’s Have joined a WhatsApp support group where the majority of the ips are with either Lotus or Intersono. The ips I spoke with are not with either of these clinics but with other clinics and joined the WhatsApp group in the hope of conversing with other ip’s so as they could chat with ips in the same situation on a surrogacy journey in the Ukraine.

Well as soon as the latter ip’s mentioned the clinic they are with they were met with hostility as the group was not in favour of the clinic the latter ips are with.

So this of course upset me greatly. Firstly why would a group of ips not support other ips regardless of what clinic they are signed to? Why in God’s name would you go to such lengths to affiliate yourself solely to a clinic and ips of that clinic? Why wouldn’t you support other ips who need your support? What’s the reasoning behind the hostility? Do they own the other clinics and see the new ips as competition? If you think the other clinic is bad and the new ips are signed to them wouldn’t you want to offer your support to the new ips to ensure they have support on their journey? Why would you be hostile to the new ips? Their choice of clinic should have absolutely no baring on how much support they get from your groups. This is nasty to put someone down just because they have chosen a clinic different to yours. It’s quite sad really and makes me wonder how much of a kickback the owners of the group are getting. Perhaps they don’t want the new ips to discuss how well their journey is going.

I don’t know the reasoning behind it but I can tell you. Unbiased support is what all of us need regardless of what clinic the ips are with. We are all in an emotional and stressful journey and we all need to come together to support each other. Remember the clinics are in it to take your money. They are all in a competition of their own and at the end of the day that’s all they care about. But us? We are all ips who need as much support as we can get. We need our female companions to be with us regardless of what clinic we are with.

And let me say there are loads of ip’s from the two clinics above who I’m presently supporting and helping them cope with some issues they come up against on their journey’s. I don’t care what clinic ips are with. I will still answer their questions and support them as much as they want me to. If we start choosing to knock other ips over their choice of clinic then it’s a very sad day for us ips who are meant to unite to support each other. Rant over for now. But my message to those biased IP’s “start supporting each other instead of causing more pain and upset. The journey is hard enough.