Important Questions every Couple should ask all Clinics before signing

Hi Guys, I have put together this brief document as a guide to some of the questions you should ask all clinics you are looking into in Ukraine.

I have read all the blogs and the stories on different clinics but I prefer to do my own research, that way I am the only one at fault if it does not turn out the way I wanted it too.

For us we had an amazing journey and I am very happy with our beautiful twins.

I have read the stories of others and everyone to their own journey. I made sure our contract was followed to the T, remember it is also a very emotional journey to us and not to the clinics, they are following contracts and it is their job to fulfil that contract in its entirety however, where I have a problem with that word is that Contract is that on your journey you are dealing with humans so contracts can only be followed in paper but pregnancy is a risky part of re production. Anything can go wrong and it may not be down to the surrogate or the clinic but we do tend to look for someone to blame if things do go wrong so I say as long as your contract covers your entire journey and the health of your baby and sm that is the important part of the journey, full medical cover at all times and legal support.

Now lecture over, . below are the questions , if you would like to chat with me about my journey then by all means get in touch I will answer any questions you have and the best of luck on your own journey, I hope and pray it is as successful as ours was.

One thing I see a lot of people compare in their agenda of looking for clinics, the one thing they give the bad mark for, is communication and timing? What I have learnt and so have those who had bad experiences with some of the clinics who did respond in a short time, fast response,, this is not always good, it can mean a few things, they are not busy, they have a dedicated person on the emails and phones but once contracts are signed the great communication may stop. Now if the clinic does not respond for lets say 3 days? It means they are very very busy, is that a good thing or bad thing? So the one that replies very fast is not busy?? WHY?? The one that takes their time to reply is very busy? WHY are they so busy?? Just something to think about.

Make a word document with these Questions To Ask A Clinic and make a note beside each question of the answers they give you.

1.How long has the clinic been in operation? & what is your success rate?

2. Do you medically screen surrogates?

3. Do you offer psychological assessments for surrogates?

4. What are the costs involved?

5. What is the fee payment structure?

6. How are surrogacy expenses handled?

7. Are there any hidden costs?

8. To what extent is contact encouraged between the surrogate and the intended parents?

9. Is Full NICU & all medical costs included if required for early birth when baby is born?

10. Are the Baby/babies legal documents covered by the clinics legal team for certification and legal stamp or do you have to retain your own legal adviser in the Ukraine?

11. What are the clinics successes rates with live births?

12. How many still births has this clinic had in the past?

13. How many premature births has this clinic had in the past and what was the outcome?

14. Is accommodation included in your package? if not will we receive help in locating accommodation for the duration of our stay.?

15. what if any medical care is included for baby after it is released from hospital into your care? Vaccinations?

16. Are any baby essentials provided for baby after discharge? Pram. Weighing scales. Steriliser. bottles, nappies, baby food? if not then where can we purchase them

17. Is there a Day nanny provided for the duration of your stay to help with baby?

18. Is there a housekeeper provided for the duration of your stay?

19. Is an interpreter provided for any event in dealing with hospital or other events that may arise for the duration of your stay?

20.  If you have read bad reviews about the clinic you are approaching  ask them the question based on what you have read and let them explain if it is true or false as not all reviews are true but are created by fake profiles. Then trust your gut to either say yes or no to that clinic.