Getting True Reviews on clinics from past iP’s

So you have started researching surrogacy clinics abroad and you decide to hit the internet. You discover there are ip surrogacy support groups on Facebook and twitter all offering a private closed group environment for you to chat with other ips from around the world who are just like you. searching, and loads of ips on their journey with many different clinics and some ips who have finished their journey posting up comments on how their journey went. You think to yourself. Great.

I can get good advice here and you can. However please I ask you to make a introduction post on a group asking ips if they could tell you what clinic they were with and how they got on. Ask them not to comment hearsay on other clinics they didn’t attend but to concentrate on their own clinic. then here’s the big question. Ask them that if they have had a bad journey with their own clinic could they please PM you as you understand they may not want to post publicly. The reason I say this is because so many people who have had a bad Time with a particular clinic will Not post publicly which leaves you not knowing the truth.

Many ips have gone with clinics because they think noting bad has been said about that particular clinic and next thing they know they are signed up. Surrogate is pregnant and the the horror starts for them. It’s sad that ip’s can’t publicly post negative journeys but that’s what happens and it sets up new ips for hardship. So please ask them to Please PM you if they have had any issues and guarantee them you will not reveal what they tell you but you just need to be forewarned so as you can avoid hardship on your journey.

I get so many pm’s from ips looking for help and support who are with different clinics in Ukraine and it upsets me to see them in trouble or stressed but also upsets me that they don’t speak out publicly on their horror stories. Please make sure you first get a solicitor before going to any clinic That’s my advice to all new ips starting out on their surrogacy journey search. Good luck and if you need to chat then get in touch